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on washington. we are sharing them. it is 7:11.  junk keys junkies junki rise and shine for school, kids. this is a picture of amber makel who is a junior in high school. this is her. it is not a selfie, she looks great. thank you for tweeting this, amber. what about this? this sharp young man, this is dominic jones, ready for kindergarten at imagine foundation. that is so cute. have a great day and great year, dominic. thanks for sending a picture. i love the students in their uniform. they are the cutest thing in their ties. they look so professional. first day of school in calvert, maryland. more pictures should be coming in. you high schoolers tweet us@myfoxdc. we have seen some cute ones. the little uniform. looking like a businessman ready to go to school. love it. >> i know. i asked the kids, what is your job? >> we are students. >> it is. you have to take it seriously. >> did you take it seriously? >> we are a close group of co-workers. what is going on out there? >> the fog is thick in spots. not so much in the city although we have it along the potomac. i have
be a lie. >> got my attention. priceless memories, firsthand witnesses to march on washington gathered in d.c. for a special celebration. we are going to take you there. >> first honoring the best of the best, '72 dolphins get their white house moment. only taken 37 years. 7:09, we'll be right back. ask me what it's like to get your best night's sleep every night. [announcer] why not talk to someone who's sleeping on the most highly recommended d in america? ask me about my tempur-pedic. ask me how fast i fall asleep. ask me about staying asleep. [announcer] tempur-pedic owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. buy a tempur-pedic mattress set and get a free twin tempur-simplicity mattress. find a store near you at ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara ♪ i finally found t
know, with iraq and the attacks on the terrorist targets. it's the way washington is unfortunately. that those leaks come out. i guess it's part and parcel of the way our open government works and the nature of what happened in d.c. >> thank you, general, for joining us this morning. in our next hour we'll talk about the u.s. options in syria with the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. senator men nen doesendez will join us. >>> a military jury needed just two hours yesterday to decide on a death sentence for major hasan, the ft. hood gunman. he admitted killing 13 people and did not defend himself at his trial. he said he acted to protect islamic fighters overseas. he will be the first american soldier to be executed in more than 50 years. >>> firefighters in california's syriaear sierra nevada are gaining ground this morning on the rim fire in yosemite national park. video shows just how big this fire is. yesterday, the flames forced park officials to close the main entrance on yosemite's east side. the fire is now 30% contained this morning.
're on the national mall, marking 50 years since the historic march on washington. a ground-breaking court ruling says you can be in trouble for sending a text to someone who is driving. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> if the order comes, you're ready to go, like that? >> we're ready to go like that. >> washington weighs the consequences for syria. >> u.s.-led military strike against syria could be launched as early as tomorrow. >> this is turning into a regional conflict and we need to reverse it. now is an opportunity to do so. >> the dow had its worst day since june. as possible military strikes hangs over wall street. >> bragging about taking control over media websites including twitter and "the new york times." >> fire continues to spread near yosemite. now growing 280 square miles, destroying more than 100 buildings. >> final moments of freedom for the surviving boston marathon bombing suspect. >> on this day in 1963, martin luther king jr. delivered h famous i have a dream speech. >> president obama among those who will speak at a cere
on washington. >> you could be impacted by the traffic changes, fox 5's matt ackland woke up early this morning, allison. >> i love matt ackland. >> he is live. >> good morning, matt. it is >> reporter: what a beautiful weekend it will be to celebrate this anniversary of such an important piece of history. if you are coming to the city early, there is something for you to do, this is west potomac park, that is where the global freedom festival will get underway at noon. we can show you a list of what is taking later on realize the dream rally tomorrow morning, worship service on sunday at howard university. wisdom, you brought up the traffic issue. folks are saying if you can get by public transit. it is good to know the memorial bridge will be closed 6:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. the arlington circle should stay open unless there is an issue for pedestrians. by the way, we wanted to tell you the post office is going to be commemorating this march as they release a new forever stamp today. big reveal will take place on facebook. we are told it is a mosaic made of photos across the nation. especially to
in washington. we are going to tell you about the controversy it is generating when we come back. time now is 7:12. the nest has been getting a little too quiet of late. so i decided it was time to find some real harmony with nature. [ screaming ] whoo! oh, yeah. elmo! [ howling ] mmm! [ eagle chirps ] [ train whistles ] [ bird chirping ] [ screaming ] [ tuba bellows ] whoa. hey! [ screaming ] [ snoring ] music to mom's ears. we may live in houses, but we're born for busch gardens. that you may not have time to roll out dough for a perfectly flaky crust that's made from scratch. or enough time to mix vegetables with all white meat chicken and a homemade gravy. she knows you may not have a moment to crimp the edges of your favorite chicken pot pie. but marie callender's does. and when she's done, all you need to do is find time to grab someone special, sit down, and savor. marie callender's. it's time to savor. ♪ >> we want to say thank you for everyone that is sharing their back to school pictures. this is savion. this is the first day of kindergarten. >> mom, i don't feel like smiling. maybe
they would end all u.s. aid. >> president obama returned to washington. he is scheduled to attend a private economic meeting at the white house. >> speaking of the white house, it was the setting for the nation's newest summer block buster. >> at 7:00, let's check out "the butler's" box office. >> how a rec center employee might have saved a man's life. >> we'll have a preview of tonight's monday night match up. time is 7:11. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. so i decided it was time to find some real harmony with nature. [ screaming ] whoo! oh, yeah. elmo! [ howling ] mmm! [ eagle chirps ] [ train whistles ] [ bird chirping ] [ screaming ] [ tuba bellows ] whoa. hey! [ screaming ] [ snoring ] music to mom's ears. we may live in houses, but we're born for busch gardens.  you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. >> isn't she the prettiest student ever? good morning to you, that is diana gab rielle. that is her back to
is adjusting to life in washington with the exception of one thing. >> a break -- >> on "cbs this morning." >> pope benedict tosaid god tol him to retire. i was thinking it's a good thing god's not talking to alex rodriguez. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off. good morning, gayle. >> good morning, charlie. >> we begin with the wildfire outside yosemite park, growing at an alarming rate. 1 it is one of 55 major wildfires burning in the western united states. >> our sacramento station is west of yosemite. you've been covering this region for years. have you ever seen anything like this? >> reporter: i have not. residents around here haven't either. they said it's been since 1987 they've seen a fire even approaching something like this, that this one is burning much more quickly and much stronger as well. about 300 hopes evacuated after governor brown declared a state of emergency in california. the rim fire, burning about a week or so, remains only 1% contained. firefighters worked through the night to battle the flames. in the last 24 hours, the fire nearly quadruple
to address the threat. bob orr in washington with new information. bob, good morning. >> good morning. the u.s. is moving now on multiple front. overnight a drone strike killed four suspected militants in yemen. at the same time intelligence analysts working around the clock pressing for details about the potential threat and new defense measures put in place. security tightened around new york city landmarks and at some of the nation's airports. overseas officials are on guard for potential truck bombs that could be used against large buildings like embassies. sources say the threat emerged last week when intelligence analysts intercepted communication between ayman al zawahiri and al wuhayshi, the leader in the peninsula. according to sources, urged to step up against u.s. targets vaguely urging something big. communications had a sense of urgery. the one-time personal secretary to osama bin laden runs the yemen-based branch of al qaeda. his group, aqap has proven to be the most aggressive in plotting against american targets. they are home to an explosives expert who targeted u.s.-bound a
is in washington. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and gael.yle. u.s. intelligence officials now playing defense. busy declassifying some of the secrets in an effort to calm fears about big brother. still, pressure is coming from congress and a spectacle public. nsa chief general keith alexander on wednesday was again defending the government's collection of u.s. phone records, saying the program does not violate privacy. but while speaking to a cyber conference in las vegas, he was interrupted by hecklers. >> i'm saying i don't trust you. >> you lied to congress. why would we believe you're not lying to us right now? >> i haven't lied to congress. >> reporter: in an effort to blunt ongoing criticism, the obama administration has declassified three top-secret documents, explaining the nsa's collection of u.s. phone records, one of the programs first revealed by snowden. while heavily redacted the documents say the nsa progaprams collect in bulk but not the content of the calls. >> we need straight-forward answers. i'm concerned we're not getting them.
it will not stop colorado or washington state from implementing their laws to legalize marijuana. >> marijuana consumers can really sleep a little easier tonight. >> fast food workers in dozens of american cities walked off the job. >> hold the burgers, hold the fries, make our wages super sized. >> wild weather striking parts of southern california. >> torrential rains caused mudslides and power lines. >> two kittens shut down the new york city subway system for hours. they got away from their owner in brooklyn. >> you just kind of want the nypd to take this guy out of his misery. >> are you kidding me? jeff scott is freak scott. ole miss recaptures the lead. >> and all that matters. >> tonight is our 20th anniversary of being here every night on cbs. i want to be dragged out of here kicking and screaming like they did with regis, that's how i want to go. >> on "cbs this morning." >> i made a record. in i left something here. >> be very careful. >> is there anything i can do anything at all? >> it was the other chair. [ laughter ] >> oh, oh, no. >>> welcome to "cbs this
with their russian counterparts right here in washington. >>> thank you. joining us now, david ig. good morning. >> good morning, norah. there have been issues over all of that and now edward snowden, but how significant is it to have the president of the united states cancel a summit meeting with another leader. >> it's pretty darn significant. it's the lowest point they have reached since the obama administration and the officials in the white house stressed to me we don't want to blow up the relationship, but nonetheless, this is quite a sharp breach. the meeting that will take place tomorrow with secretary kerry and russian foreign minister sergei love sergei, there's a lot more to talk about. they're interested in negotiating some kind of nuclear deal to. get that done will require russian help. is russia prepared to help on it? same thing with syria. the discussions will continue but the feeling is there's nothing that can be taken to the president for decision. when you have a summit you have deliverables, you know what's going to be agreed on. that was. the case here
university was a scam. >> we're getting our first look at the newest addition to washington's national zoo. a giant panda cub. >> all that. >> fair. throw to second. japan wins the little league world series chanmpionship. >> and all that matters. >> a stunning admission from mike tyson. >> i've been lying to everybody else. i'm never going to use again. >> on "cbs this morning." >> a big night as mtv hands out its video music awards. >> miley cyrus has tongues wagging. a very adult performance. >> it did not look like hannah montana. >> and justin timberlake performing with his old band 'n sync. ♪ bye bye bye ♪ >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose and norah o'donnell are off today but anthony mason is here. >> good morning, great to be here. >> i think so too. we begin in california where the giant rim wildfire has entered yosemite national park and is still growing fast. the dozens of western wildfires threaten some 4,500 buildings this morning. >> one official says firefighters are facing every challenge that there can be. theresa garcia is in tu
counterparts right here in washington. >> margaret brennan, thank you. joining us now is david ignatius ignatius, for "the washington post." so relations between russia and the u.s. have been frayed over syria, human rights arms control and now edward snowden. but how significant is it to have the president of the united states cancel a summit meeting with another leader? >> it's pretty darn significant. this is the lowest point that u.s. russia relations have reached since the obama administration. and officials in the white house stress to me that we don't want to blow up the relationship but nonetheless this is quite a sharp breach. the meeting that will take place tomorrow with secretary kerry and the soviet -- excuse me russian foreign ministry sergey lavrov is important because there's a lot of business the two sides have to talk about. syria and iran are at the top of that list. we have a new government in iran that's making signals that it's interested in negotiating some kind of nuclear deal to get that done. is russia prepared to help on it? the same thing
terror attack in years. bob orr is in washington. bob, good morning. >> good morning to our viewers in the west. sources say a major al qaeda plot now is in its final stages of planning. and terror operatives have already been dispatched. we still don't know the time date or target of any attack but analysts are scrambling to fill in those intelligence gaps. the threat comes from al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. the same terror franchise that's tried to bring down u.s.-bound jetliners with explosion ins hid inexplosives hidden in underwear. sources say in recent days intelligence agents have intercepted the communications of senior al qaeda leaders. >> there's been an awful lot of chatter out there. chatter means conversation among terrorists about the planning that's going on. very reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11. >> reporter: sources say that chatter indicates a large-scale attack may be imminent. and al qaeda terrorists already have their orders. >> because of the level of chatter, it seeps s seems to be a fairly large operation. >> reporter: officials
of amazon purchased the "washington post." he said last night like most amazon customers he was drunk and buying crap on the internet he didn't need. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is off so anthony mason is with us. >> good morning, great to be with you. >> lots to talk about. we are beginning overseas. as you wake up in the west there is word of an american rebuke against russia. president obama is canceling his upcoming meeting with president putin. >> the move comes after nsa leaker edward snowden walked out of the airport last week after being granted a year of temporary asylum in russia. major garrett is at the white house. major, good morning. >> reporter: a statement just released by the press secretary jay carney confirms what's been expected. the first casually of the edward snowden affair. the white house said for days it was reviewing the u tillty of that after russia granted him asylum. while the president did not address this directly he talked about his disappointment with russia in a somewhat unusual forum, "the tonight show with
washington is trying to block an airline megamerger. plus, more of charlie's revealing conversation with oracle ceo larry ellison. >>> first, we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> i heard a sonic boom. it shook my whole house. it could have been in the neighborhood. >> a cargo plane crash in alabama. >> killed when their u.p.s. plane went down as the pilots prepared to land at birmingham's airport. >> officials moved in to clear camps supporting the ousted president morsi. >> conflicting reports now on the number of deaths and injuries. >> this place looks like a war zone. >> a hostage stand yoch atoff at a bank is over. police shot the suspect after he shot two remaining hostages. >> wildfires blazing through nearly one dozen western states. >> heavy rains triggered flash flooding around philadelphia. that same storm unleashed a tornado in southern new jersey. >> it was scary. >> we're hearing from the winners of last week's giant power ball jackpot. if you like an eclectic group, this group will suit your fancy. >> we'
american diplomatic posts. >> with us now from washington cbs news national security analyst juan zarate. a new threat now in lahore pakistan, prompting more evacuations. what do we know? >> we know this is a separate threat from what we were hearing in recent days. this is specific to the consulate in lahore. personnel are potentially at risk. that's why you're seeing the state department take the measure it has taken today. >> let's turn to the operation that's ongoing in yemen. yesterday, we heard three drone strikes in one day taking out a dozen militants. why are they -- who specifically are they targeting? >> well the u.s. government the yemeni government are going to be doing everything possible to disrupt anything that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, the group in yemen, is planning or doing. that means if they have targets that are related to cells, safe houses, any key targets or individuals part of that group, they're going to hit them. what they're trying to do is take off of the battlefield anyone who presents a threat and that's why you see the uptick
. green's team fought flames in colorado and washington state before arriving in idaho. they've spent 40 of the past 50 days on the front lines. >> i think a lot of us after this tour need a little r & r, you know. it's always nice to get back home and do what you call normal things. i know me personally i probably got a lawn to mow. just small stuff like that. >> reporter: the nation's top fire priority. there are growing fires burning in oregon, montana and at least 40 other fires in california. sparked by recent lightning strikes. >> we can't afford to be everywhere at once. >> reporter: evans q ss ss qou is the operations man. >> imagine we have three fires and only one air tanker. that one air tanker can only go to one fire. you have to figure out which fire gets that one air tanker. >> reporter: firefighters may get a resource from mother nature today. the weather is supposed to cooperate. lower temperatures. some cloud cover. higher humidity. perhaps even some rain. charlie and gayle, that would be very good news for the firefighters on the fire line here in
for this visual arts. >>> plus as we mark tomorrow's 50th anniversary march on washington, the man who was there tells us how he preserved martin luther king jr.'s speech. >>> the headlines around the globe. in london the daily mail someone left a bartender a $5,000 tip on a $214 bill. the man sis sir richard branson is thought to be that man. branson was rumored nobody utah at the time. >>> the salt lake tribune say shoes may determine how much women spend when they shop. a study suggests women wearing heels tend to buy medium-priced products because they're wearing products they're unaware of. >>> a couple married 65 years died 11 years apart. harold knapke and his wife ruth died 11 hours apart. >>> a follow-up on a photo from yesterday. will smith and his kids. we told you they appear to be shocked by miley cyrus' performance at the vmas. they were really enjoying lady gaga's performance. that's an interesting expression for enjoyment. >> the chicago tribune said mcdonald's plans to roll out chicken wings. in three, six and nine pieces. >>> do you want to cut your
washington post" look at efforts by the postal service to overhaul priority mail. the post office is offering free insurance, track and exact day delivery. the agency says the new plan will bring in $500 million a year. >> the "new york daily news" says a 5-year-old boy has been seriously injured when he jumped from a small roller coaster. the boy's leg was mangled when he got caught between the car and the track. amusement park officials say the boy apparently became frightened by the ride. >>> "usa today" looks at good news for u.s. open tennis fans. rain delays will be a thing of the past. a retractable roof will be build over center court. bad weather's >>> good morning. if you are head the out the door today, we have some very mild temperatures mainly in the 60s now. the fog thick at the coastline. we're seeing drizzle there. but high pressure remains in place for now. at least for one last day. that means we are going to see temperatures hot in spots inland. up into the 90s in some spots there. you will see 70s and 80s around the bay and 60s patchy
in the streets. >> "the washington post" found the national security agency breaks privacy rules and oversteps legal boundaries thousands of times a year. >> still a mystery, what cautioned the u.p.s. cargo plane to crash in birmingham? >> federal investigators say there's no evidence the plane was on fire or suffered engine problems. >> a strong earthquake in new zealand this morning. no injuries are being reported. >> a great-grandmother claims bob filner forced her to kiss him. >> i feel the right thing is for you to go. >> hannah anderson didn't say a word as she arrived at a fund-raiser for her family. >> a woman suspected of shoplifting mailed a break for it across a highway. police are still looking for her. >> a chinese zoo tried to pass off a dog as an african lion. >> he began barking. nothing like a lion, is it? >> jonathan boston. >> and all that matters. >> a 911 dispatcher offered her own dress to help a woman whose wedding dress was stolen. >> are you getting married today? >> yes. >> what size is your dress? >> ever since the leak from edward snowden, we've all had questions. h
a month. in a moment we'll look at how washington is fuming but we start with charlie d'agata in london. >> it was about six weeks ago, they're all asking the question where's edward snowden? he's gone to ground again. his whereabouts in russia being kept secret. we're told he's in a secure location with american friends. and when he's comfortable, he may consider making an appearance to the media. this is a new picture of edward snowden's surprise getaway from the moscow airport that's been home for five weeks. he's getting his first taste of freedom today or what free dopamines to a wanted high-profile man in russia. his lawyer says snoden wants to start a new life there. he said job offers are already rolling in. the year-long asylum he's been granted forbids travel outside russia. president putin said he's only be welcome in russia if the former national security agent stopped spilling secrets about the united states. praised senator putin for keeping his son safe. >> it's the honorable thing to do. and as not just a citizen of the united states but a global c
they will fill any monetary gap. margaret brenner in washington. good morning. >> good morning to you, charlie and to gayle. the u.s. will likely adjust but not cut off how it spends hundreds of millions of u.s. aid already pledged to egypt this year. the u.s. on paper provides more than a billion dollars in military financing that egypt uses to buy equipment from u.s. defense companies like apache helicopter and missile systems. it gives hundreds of millions of dollars to economic programs. that will continue. but this redirection of u.s. dollarses supposed to be symbolically significant yet it won't. the advice minister said today the kingdom would make up any financial shortfall. it is backing this violent crackdown on the muslim brotherhood which it views as terrorists. saudi pledged a $12 billion rescue package that dwarfs what the u.s. and europe would provide and most of that money doesn't have any strings attached. saudi arabia's checkbook diplomacy undercuts u.s. leverage but doesn't destroy it. the value of the u.s.-egypt relationship remains in intelligence sharing and counter-intel
this morning." new violence in syria. and strong calls in washington to do something. plus, a california wildfire explodes, threatening thousands of homes and a national treasure. >> who really erased the nixon watergate tapes? the varyings who say they have the answer. and filmmaker spike lee here to answer criticism over how he played for his latest movie. >> first, a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> those responsible for the use of chemical weapon, if it's determined that's what happened, will be held responsible. >> the u.s. under pressure to act in syria. >> government forces attacked rebel-held positions near damascus this morning. this follows yesterday's alleged chemical weapons attack. >> hosni mubarak who ruled egypt for 30 years is now expected to be released from prison any moment now. >> bob filner reaches a deal to settle the sexual harassment suit against him. no word on whether it will result in resignation. >> we expect he will consider resigning for the good of san diego. >> and out of control wildfire threatening buildings near yosemite national
policies to lower prisoners. >> thank you. >>> and president obama is taking a break from washington this week. he's spending time with his family on martha's vineyard, but va t the vacation comes as the economy nosedives. >> the president has done so less than his pred sez or george w. bush. 14 trips and 19 days. one kmon thread mr. obama's beginning to experience some second term blues. the president stepped onto the island paradise confronting some of the diceiest poll numbers of his presidency. it's only one poll but gallop constantly tracks presidential approval. mr. obama's is at 42% with 50% of the country disapproving. his approval rating was 41% last week, a low not seen since december of 201. when the president's approval rating dips this low, it's usually due to defections among democrats. surveillance have unsettled the president's place. republicans accuse him of ducking the issue for weeks. >> when the story initially broke, the president went undercover. he was trying to come up with ways to salvage the program by window dressing. >> i applaud t
. >>> the fallout from the nsa scandal is growing this morning. the washington reported the agency broke privacy rules thousands of times since 2008. >> "the post" cited an internal audit and other top-secret documents reportedly obtained from former contractor edward snowden. on cbs "face the nation" sunday california congresswoman jackie spear said it revealed what she calls extraordinary misdeeds. >> there is failed oversight now. the fact there's all this active going on that we don't know about. they spoon feed to the intelligence committees of both houses what they want to tell them. for any of us to say that we know what's going on in the nsa i would find very suspect. >> our senior correspondent john miller served in the office of the director of national intelligence. he spoke with the nsa last night. welcome back, john, good morning. >> good to be back. >> good morning. >> is this failed oversight? what kind of oversight is it? >> this is very frustrating for the people of the nsa. because their view on this is that this is successful oversight. they said, you
warn it could be the world's greatest terror threat. lara logan is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah, good morning, charlie. >> good morning. >> how dangerous is al qaeda in syria? and what are u.s. officials concerned about? >> well dangerous or not, for the deputies or the cia to say that, there are more foreign fighters flooding into syria to fight with al qaeda today than in the war in iraq. the way to explain this according to the academics that i speak to regularly, it's that the army in syria is really al qaeda's guerilla army. they will move that army to whatever front there is next anywhere in the world. many ever those fighters probably came from afghanistan or iraq where they learned to fight the u.s. they come from north africa they come from yemen, they come from all over to. and that organization particularly has very close act with ayman al zawahiri who is in the pakistan region. so it's very much a movement based on ideology right there in the center of the country. >> lara speak to that point, speak to that poi
is taking a break from washington this week. he's spending time with his family on martha's vineyard. the vacation comes as the president's approval rating is taking a nose-dive. major garrett is traveling with the president. >> reporter: every president needs to get away. president obama has done so less than his predecessor, president george w. bush. 14 trip and 92 vacation days compared to 50 trips and 223 for mr. bush. one common thread mr. obama's beginning to experience some second term blues. the president stepped on to the island paradise confronting some of the diceiest poll numbers of his presidency. it's only one poll but gallup constantly tracks his approval. 50% of the country disapproving. his approval rating was 51% last year a low not seen since december 2011. it's usually due to defections among democrats. revelations of counterterrorism surveillance programs more aggressive than during the bush years has unsettled the president's base. >> i want to make clear, once again, that america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. >> reporter:
's headlines. "the washington post" looks into a study of near death experiences. it finds bright lights and sensations by some people created in the brain. the university of michigan finds even when the heart stops, brain activity can surge. >> the "san francisco chronicle" says asiana airline offering $10,000 to people on the plane that crash landed. three died on impact and in the minutes after the accident last month. the money is meant to cover medical cost and transportation. it's not a settlement and they can sue. >> "wall street journal" looks at cancer treatments narrowly promised drug promised to be more effective than chemotherapy. the news is called some of the most extraordinary progress ever in the fight against cancer. >>> colorado's gazette introduces us to the woman who shattered the glass ceiling at the air force academy. lieutenant general is the first woman to ever leave the academy. she graduated in 1981. she served as nato's top planner for operations in afghanistan and kosovo. >>> "usa today" says the more siblings you have the less likely y
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